Range Hood Height Code

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Ensuring your range hood has been mounted at the best height is vital to ensure that any bad smells or odors are properly dispensed with.

Range hood height code. If you editor s note. Cooking fumes and odors when natural ventilation an open window isn t available an extraction fan must be installed either with a recirculating system or with. In this article we will answer how high you hang a range hood.

Arabians can range in height from 13 2 hands up to 16 hands. If you buy a loud dishwasher you can always buy a quieter one. Non ducted recirculating vent fans offer no real ventilation and shouldn t be allowed by code at least for new construction.

Now look at the specs for your cooktop and see what they specify. You may als0 want to consider the height of the end user as you want to be sure to have forehead clearance don t want a bump on the head from trying to smell the sauce. A range hood that is too close to the cooktop could pose a fire hazard while one that has been installed too high likely won t be able to do its job of removing smoke grease and steam.

Ideally a highly experienced professional should install the hood but you can proceed to do it on your own if you possess the needed diy skills. Along with standards like countertop height and cupboard depth there are. Answer standard base cabinets are 34 1 2 high plus 1 1 2 for the counter top for a total of 36 which is also the height of a range.

What you don t want to have is a. If you use the height calculator on the miele link it is specing between 26 and 31 above cooktop. You can replace appliances fairly easily.

Most times the hood and cooktop specs will tell you where it should be. Nz building code g4 stipulate that buildings shall have a means of collecting or otherwise removing. If you do a lot of cooking and don t have a range hood or adequate ventilation you might give priority to a new vent hood ducted to the outdoors.

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